Chase Henson is an Independent Fantasy Artist out of Provo, UT. His obsession for storytelling, mythology, and color, pushes his imagination and fuels his creativity.

He was born in Phoenix, AZ on May 7th, 1988.  At the age of 4, his parents moved to Provo,UT. He started attending Salt Lake Community College’s Aviation Maintenance program at the age of 22. He started doodling just to keep his mind busy during class. After a year and half of school and an internship later, he realized that being an aircraft mechanic was not his passion and didn't want that for his future.

Around the age of 23, he switched majors and started attending Utah Valley University’s Illustration program. Around this time, he left mainstream religion and its ideas of “God” but became immediately fascinated with its history, its impact on the human race and Society today. A few years into the program he was doing research for a personal painting that he was working on, of a woman in an Indian marketplace. In his research, he became curious about the country's current religion and its history. So naturally he dived head first into Hindu philosophy and most importantly, world mythology.

After spending countless hours reading stories and discovering hundreds of Gods and Goddesses, his interest became a very real obsession. Rediscovering personal spirituality, through mythology and the Arts, became an unshakable obsession that filled so many unseeable voids in his life.

He is currently working on a personal project titled “Book of Olith: Sacred Chains". The story of an Archaeologist by the name of Ried, with pressure from the University, is desperate to prove that the Old Gods once walked this Earth. In his search for proof he finds The Book of Olith and little does he know, that he discovers something far more powerful...

He is also open for freelance Illustration and commissions.



-Art camp 3, Landscape painting, 2018

-Schoolism Environment Design, 2017

-Bachelors of Fine Art/Illustration program at UVU, 2016

-Howard Lyon 1 week Illustrated portrait workshop, 2016

-Howard Lyon 3 month workshop, 2015

-Art Camp 1, 2014


As seen in

-Imaginefx Expose issue #173

-Infected By Art Vol. 7

-Cover of Apex magazine, April 2018 issue

-Infected by Art Vol. 5

-Infected by Art Vol. 4

-Cover of Warp & Weave journal 2013