Chase Henson is an Independent Fantasy Artist out of Provo, UT. His obsession for storytelling, mythology, and color, pushes his imagination and fuels his creativity.

He is currently working on a personal project titled “Bahkti” where he is re-imagining the deities and painting surreal landscapes inspired by the Pagan mythologies.

He is also open for freelance Illustration and commissions.



-Art camp 3, Landscape painting, 2018

-Schoolism Environment Design, 2017

-Bachelors of Fine Art/Illustration program at UVU, 2016

-Howard Lyon 1 week Illustrated portrait workshop, 2016

-Howard Lyon 3 month workshop, 2015

-Art Camp 1, 2014


As seen in

-Cover of Apex magazine, April 2018 issue

-Infected by Art Vol. 4

-Infected by Art Vol. 5

-Cover of Warp & Weave journal 2013

-Warp & Weave journal 2014

-Cover of Intersections journal 2014