Chase Henson is an Independent Fantasy Artist out of Provo, UT. His obsession for storytelling, mythology, and color, pushes his imagination and fuels his creativity.

He is currently working on a personal project titled “Book of Olith: Sacred Chains". The story of an Archaeologist by the name of Ried, with pressure from the University, is desperate to prove that the Old Gods once walked this Earth. In his search for proof he finds The Book of Olith and little does he know, that he discovers something far more powerful...

He is also open for freelance Illustration and commissions.



-Art camp 3, Landscape painting, 2018

-Schoolism Environment Design, 2017

-Bachelors of Fine Art/Illustration program at UVU, 2016

-Howard Lyon 1 week Illustrated portrait workshop, 2016

-Howard Lyon 3 month workshop, 2015

-Art Camp 1, 2014


As seen in

-Imaginefx Expose issue #173

-Infected By Art Vol. 7

-Cover of Apex magazine, April 2018 issue

-Infected by Art Vol. 5

-Infected by Art Vol. 4

-Cover of Warp & Weave journal 2013