verse iv: Temple of air

Reid let out a long breath and headed into the conference room where he was meeting the university board members. All of them were present and already seated around the table. There was one open chair for him which he quickly took. He realized they’d been waiting for him to arrive before starting. He was not starting on the right foot. He waited for someone to speak.

“Please proceed, Dr. Hollis,” Thurston demanded. “Tell us what happened on the dig.”

Reid began telling them everything that happened on the dig from when he and his team of students arrived and what exactly was found on the dig. The board members asked many questions for what seemed like hours and Reid answered them the best he could. They seemed especially interested in the book and its contents. Reid seemed to be the only one who could translate the text so they needed him but they were impatient and there seemed to be something specific that they were after. And it was proven by Thurston’s next statement.

“We are sending you to another dig site.”



Vlassis looked around at the humans gathered around him outside the protective wards around the Temple of Air. He’d been the one to explain to them the importance of this temple. How it was the source of all the air in the gods’ world and without it they would all perish. The humans were ready to rid themselves of these gods who cruelly ruled their realm. Vlassis —the son of the goddess, Cerise and a human male—was more than willing to help. His own mother had cast him aside and did not want him in the gods world because he was half-human. She’d used his father—seduced him and killed him once she was done with him. Vlassis was left to be raised by humans who’d found him by the portal between the worlds. They hated the gods and goddesses which they passed on to him. Vlassis had never even met Cerise, the Goddess of War and Lust but he hated her.

Vlassis focused his energy and harnessed his ability. After taken in a deep breath and letting it out slowly, he teleported through the protective wards around the temple. There was a great white flash that knocked him onto his back and his world went black. Some time later, Vlassis regained consciousness. He felt odd and bruised. He lifted onto his forearms and his face paled at what he saw around him. All twenty of the humans who’d come with him lay dead outside of the wards. He tried to teleport back to the other side but nothing happened. He tried again and again, knowing he needed to get out of there before the gods showed up to see what had happened. Vlassis couldn’t use his power and he was stuck inside the wards. He looked back at the Temple of Air to see it still standing proudly behind him, unmarred by the explosion. He fell back onto his back, feeling defeated and unsure of what to do next.

-Entry from The Old God’s Text


You are sending me on another dig?” Reid asked to clarify what he’d just heard.

There were nods from everyone around the room.

“Is there something specific that I should be looking for this time?”

“No. We just want you to take your team and see what it is you can find,” Thurston said. “You are free to go.”

Reid knew he wasn’t going to get any more information from them about what he should be searching for. He left the conference room, stopping at the receptionist’s desk for his travel documents and the information about the dig site. He needed to go home and pack and let his students know they were needed again. Reid got an uneasy feeling about all of this but he did not know why so he was going to do what he was told until he found out.

Art by: Chase Henson

Story written by: Teralyn Mitchell