verse VII: Terra firma


Vlassis looked up at the pale blue sky that seemed to resemble the one from the human world. Fluffy white clouds floated lazily overhead and Vlassis’s head swam as he tried to sit up. What he saw did not make him feel any less dizzy. He was on Terra. The floating lands in the god’s world that were impossible to get off of. Vlassis sank his fingers into the emerald green grass and pushed himself to his feet. He wobbled a little but steadied himself on the lavender crystals protruding out of the floating land mass.

He’d been dragged to Terra after what happened at the Temple of Air. They dumped him there a few hours ago and no one had returned to see him since. He gave up on walking and crawled to the edge. What he saw made him nauseous and he knew he could not make an escape. The ground was so far below him that he could barely make it out. He fell onto his back and reflected on what’d went wrong at The Temple of Air. Before he could go too deeply down that path, he heard something behind him. He jumped to his feet quickly and turned to face the source of his hatred. Cerise. Vlassis ground his teeth and waited for her to speak.

“Why did you try to attack something so vital to our world?” She asked in a melodic voice.

“It’s your world not mine,” he snapped. “I only did what I thought would benefit my world.”

She sneered at him and said, “You will rot on this rock for your betrayal, Vlassis.”

Cerise left him with those words and he collapsed back onto the ground. He would figure out how to get off this rock if it was the last thing he did. He needed to get back to the human realm so he could come up with another plan to ruin this entire world.


Reid trudged to the tent a couple of his students were kind enough to set up for him. He dropped the things he’d found during the dig on the desk before getting cleaned up. Once he was done, he went back to the desk, dropping down into the chair. He stared at the vial and chunk of rock that had a symbol carved into it. He couldn’t figure out why it was important but that’s the feeling he got when he held the rock. He didn’t bother picking it up again and picked up the vial that held a powder that he was not familiar with. It wasn’t anything he’d ever seen or read about but the pull to try it was so strong that he could not understand what was going on. He had no information about the strange substance. What would it do to him if he tried it? Was it safe to even try something he’d found on a dig? There was no telling how long it’d been buried in the dirt.

Reid set it aside and went to the pitcher that set on the small table beside his bed, filling a glass with water. He downed the entire contents of the glass quickly and filled the glass again. His eyes strayed back to the vial on the desk. It felt as if an invisible string tethered him to that thing and he found himself moving back to the desk. He set his glass on the surface and dropped back down into the chair. He couldn’t resist picking up the vial again. He thought he was imagining the glow that seemed to emanate from the clay bottle.

He pulled the stopper out and shook some of colorless powder into the water sitting on his desk without conscious thought. He didn’t even know how he knew to do that but it seemed like the right thing to do. Reid tried to resist the call to drink that water but his hand seemed to move without his telling it to. He brought the glass to his lips and slowly drank down the grainy water. The effects of the substance hit him immediately. The room swayed around him and Reid stumbled to his bed before the effects of the drug pulled him into darkness, taking him to a place he could not have even imagined in his wildest dreams.

Art by: Chase Henson

Story written by: Teralyn Mitchell