Verse XII: Temple of Earth


More and more humans were crossing into Olith through the portal that was created. The Three Sisters seemed to be approving anyone as of late and the gods and goddesses needed a place for them to go so that they were out of the way. Several Deities joined together to come up with a solution and it was decided that a temple would be created where humans would go to worship the gods. Only those worthy would be able to leave and venture further into the Olith. The temple was built near the portal. Craggy rocks rose up from the ground, surrounded by an azure mist that seemed to surround the area. Water was on the other side of the portal but it seemed to dissolve into a beautiful mist in Olith. A glowing inverted triangle with a line through it floated in between two floating structures and over a bowl of light, the blue mists swirling around and glowing golden from the symbol. The humans were not sure what they meant and the gods weren’t willing to share.

It was a peaceful place, the pink and purple sky glittering with stars and a pink moon was beautiful to look at. Many humans found it hard to ever leave so some didn’t. As long as they continued to show that devotion, they could stay as long as they wanted. The gods and goddess stayed away from the Temple of Earth unless they wanted to take someone for a special task. The humans begin to fear these moments because the chosen ones were never seen again.

-Entry from The Old God’s Text


“Professor Hollis,” A panicked voice along with shaking intruded into Reid’s consciousness.

He let out a low groan as the shaking continued, jarring his already aching head. He tried to get the voice to stop talking and the shaking to stop but it took several moments before he could even open his eyes. When he finally did, he saw that one of his students was hovering over him, concern clouding her pretty face. Another moment passed before he could push himself up onto his arms. He looked around. He was on the floor of his tent. The last thing he’d remembered was that vial he’d found on the dig. He’d been compelled to take the substance inside. He shied away from thoughts of what’d happened at the moment.

“Are you well, Professor?” the girl asked, holding a glass of water out for him to take.

Reid looked around the tent for the vial but it was nowhere in sight. He turned his attention back to his student and took the glass. He drained half of it before telling her he was fine and sending her on her way. She left reluctantly and with much assurance on his part. Once she was gone, Reid dragged himself to his feet. He froze looking at the scorched marks on the ground. He was glad his student hadn’t seen those. There would be no way to explain that. He kicked dirt over the marks, covering it before sitting heavily on the edge of his cot, his mind dwelling the things he’d seen and discovered. What could he expect now that the knew the truth about his lineage and his abilities?

Art by Chase Henson

Story by Teralyn Mitchell